4 Distribution Package

The eInvoicing Implementation Guide and associated artefacts are published at: http://resources.digitalbusinesscouncil.com.au/dbc/processes/einvoicing/implementation-1.0

This directory contains the following sub-directories:

codes – containing the Genericode files for Code list Values (OASIS Code List Representation TC, 2007);

cva - containing Context/Value Association files for defining data type qualifications (OASIS UBL TC, 2013);

models – containing spreadsheets and hypertext linked tabular reports of the Information Elements mapped from the eInvoicing Semantic Model (Digital Business Council, 2016c);

schematron – containing the Schematron files that may be used for validating business rules (Schematron, 2004);

testsets – containing sample XML Document instances;

ubl – containing links to necessary UBL 2.1 validation artefacts (OASIS UBL TC, 2013);

val – artefacts suitable for testing XML Document instances;

xsd - containing the normative, annotated XSD Schemas (W3C, 2012). Loading the XML Document Schemas into an XML aware application will engage the various component libraries required; and

xsdrt - containing non-annotated XSD Schemas (W3C, 2012) that may be used for runtime validation.

The directory also contains a compressed (ZIP) file of a directory named implementation-1.0 containing the same sub-directories listed above. This may be used for localised implementations.